Artists’ Statement:

Art is an expression from the heart and one can feel the energy from a painting.
I relate the color red with love and orange and yellow with light. I have created a variety of paintings using bold colors that makes a statement. Painting with bold colors is what I enjoy and also enjoy painting light. There is light in everything. This light can be interpreted in many different ways, which I leave it to my audience to decipher.

Putting my expression on the painting is an accomplishment and my intention is for the audience to enjoy my paintings the same way I enjoy creating them.  Sharmyn says, “One day I was simply painting a red bottle, using different values and tones. While playing with colors a friend of mine asked me, ‘how come you see all those colors but I see only red?’ I smiled to myself and said, ‘I don’t see an object; I see colors.’

“My dad always encouraged me and gave me the freedom to explore different options in life. He loved what I painted and that helped me decide to pursue what I wanted in life. I received a degree in business administration, but art remained a passion of mine. ”

Winning first place consecutively for the past two years at The Sugar Land Town Square art show changed a lot of things for Ali and she decided to turn her hobby into her profession. She started participating in shows and competitions and won several awards. Her biggest achievement thus far is winning the 2007 Christmas card contest that depicted the reflection of City Hall in Sugar Land on the Christmas ornament and the mayor of Sugar Land; Mayor David Wallace purchased her painting. She also won first place at the state level on the portrait she painted.

Recently, she was given the opportunity to paint a picture for the City of Sugar Land 2009 Calendar (for May) depicting. The Eldridge Memorial Hospital for Sugar Land ’s 50 year anniversary. She recently hosted a solo art show in aid of Asians against Domestic Abuse called “The Love Affair.”

Ali states, “I have a master’s degree in business administration, I work as a financial manager for an art institute in Sugar Land and have been painting professionally for two years. I love to paint and enjoy it even more when people can enjoy my painting. ”

She added, “I believe art is an expression from the heart and one can feel the energy from a painting. I like to explore and be creative in my paintings. I paint landscapes, floral, abstract, portraits etc.