Sarfraz Musawir


Sarfraz Musawir was Born 1960 in Umerkot Sindh Pakistan is the most prominent name amongst the Pakistani Painters and watercolorists.

He graduated with a Master’s degree in Physics from University of Sindh and got First Class in Diploma in Fine Art from Karachi School of Art. He is well known for his depiction of scenery, CITYSCAPES, LANDSCAPES and PORTRAITS.

He has participated in many NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL art EXHIBITIONS and shown his work at IWS (International Watercolor Society) Festival SEFERIHISAR (SIGACIK) TURKEY, THAILAND and ITALY. He was awarded First Prize in SADEQUAIN Awards in 1994.

Sarfraz Musawir uses light colors on a white background to create sobering and sobering and soothing effects. This makes his images stand apart from those done by other artists. His use of light through different color combination also serves to complement and complete his subject matter. The works on display reveal Musawir’s strong association with his culture, which is the inspirational force behind all his paintings.
The dark cloud and rainy scenes in his cityscapes shows that either the painter is impressed by the turbulent weather or is frustrated by the long dry spell in Karachi and visualizes such scenes for his spiritual satisfaction. The painter, who began painting after completing his master degree in Physics from Sind University, Hyderabad, says that he knew from childhood that there was a painter within him. After completing his education, Musawir shifted to Karachi and took admission in the three year diploma course at Shakoor’s School of Art to harness his inborn skills as a professional painter.



  • 2013 Revivers Gallery Lahore.
  • 2011 Collectors Gallery Lahore.
  • 2008 Hamial Art Gallery Lahore.
  • 2008 Shakil Ismail Art Gallery KARACHI.
  • 2006 Croweaters Gallery Lahore.
  • 2005 Indus Art Gallery Karachi.
  • 2004 Nomad Art Gallery ISLAMABAD.
  • 2003 Hamail Art Gallery Lahore.
  • 2003 V.M Art Gallery Karachi.
  • 2001 The Art Gallery Karachi.
  • 1985 Pakistan National Centre


  • 2014 Cross borders Art Gallery DUBAI.
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  • 2007 Art Gallery GLASGOW UK.
  • 2006 Sindh Artists Exhibition at Mehran Arts Council HYDERABAD SINDH.
  • 2005 Fund Raising Exhibition at Nomad Art Gallery Islamabad.
  • 2005 Native Art Gallery Lahore.
  • 2004 Mom Art Gallery Karachi.
  • 2003 8th National Exhibition of Visual Arts Lahore.
  • 2003 PNCA (Pakistan National Council of Arts) Landscape Exhibition at Islamabad and Peshawar.
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  • 2000 V.M Art Gallery Karachi.
  • 2000 Ejaz Art Gallery
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  • 1999 Coopera Art Gallery Lahore.
  • 1997 The Art Gallery Karachi.
  • 1997 Golden Jubilee Exhibition by the Fine Art Committee at Arts Council Karachi.
  • 1994 Sadequain Award (First Prize)
  • 1993 Gallery Chowkundi Karachi.
  • 1992 V.M Art Gallery Karachi.
  • 1992 Pakistan Musawwir Council at Karachi University Karachi.
  • 1992 Clifton Art Gallery Karachi.
  • 1992 Sadequain Art Gallery Karachi.