Ramzan Shad

Born in a small town in Pakistan, Ramzan Shad belong from a middle-class family, raised by hard-working parents. After completing high school, Ramzan Shad had a passion for arts and he well founded his skills by then that he had been best owed with some God gifted skills, !e found the art of turning his talent and skills on a can” as or a chart paper very smoothly and easily. Starting his career as an Arts teacher in one of the well-known schools in Asia, Beacon house School System, and building up his family and nurturing for them had been a long life for the artist. !e is having a couple of his children living in Australia and he himself living with the rest of his family back in Pakistan. The journey seems to have just started for Ramzan Shad, when his paintings and arts works ended up in Australia through his daughter and family friends.


A fine arts Artist is often faced with the question from where and how to start. Ramzan Shad had a decades working on his arts work and building up his dreams to represent himself on a wider scale and among the international community of Artist. Being part of the wider community is what the Artist dreams for. Ramzan Shad wanted to make a professional trial of his works internationally. As in the article national fine Arts title Registry launches Professional Artist Program (2005) the author mentions how artist and film director John Cherry founded NFATR for more than a year0s time and spotted the need for artists to be able to document it and track their works they create during their career0.’rom last few decades, Ramzan Shad has participated in a lot of exhibitions. Initially, his enthusiasm was shown in 1982 when he participated in national Art Exhibition in Islamabad P.N.C.A. This was from where he drove his inspiration and aspiration from other artists as well, who shared their ideas, art work and skills all together under one roof.



The following are some of his major participation and shows at different art galleries in Pakistan.


  • 1983 Participated in All Pakistan Art Exhibition & awarded special prize.


  • 1986 Participated in group show Artists from Baluchistan.
  • 1993 Solo Show at “The Gallery Quetta”
  • 1994-1995 Participated in various group shows.
  • 1996 Participated in National Exhibition.
  • 2002 Four Men Show at Jahanzeb Art Gallery Karachi.
  • 2003 Group show at PEARL (Quetta)
  • 2005 Group show at IDARA-E-SAQAFAT QUETTA

• 2008 International Group Show at JAM SHORO University.

One of the previous exhibitions Ramzan Shad participated was a three men show including Ahmed Khan and Moazzam Ali at Pakistan Fine Arts Gallery in Karachi, Pakistan. Ramzan Shad had put his oil work in this exhibition which attracted attention of other artist, provided that he had a unique touch and a way to paint his paintings. These exhibitions and the centers for these Artists comprises all of the artists’ gathering spaces that offer conversations, networking, building professional relationships, mentoring, shared workspace and tools, readings, and displaying their art works take place (Markusen and Johnson,

2006) Markusen (2006, p. 1932) draws that “Centers involve” dedicated space that is available for ongoing “Visits, where membership and access to many events is available to all comers, and where other artistic functions are available on a more selective, often openly competitive, basis”. As mentioned above about Ramzan Shad0sma$or participation at different art galleries sometimes on his own and mostly at time as group shows, was the place where he learned about boundary less opportunities. Ramzan Shad had sent his oil and watercolor paintings to overseas to gift his friends and family friends) sometimes making paintings on their special and specific requests” on auspicious occasions. Not just hat his paintings are now distributed in the cities of Pakistan but also internationally from Europe to Australia.