Nahid Raza


Nahid Raza is a widely travelled artist whose work has created interest in international art circles and continues to do so. She is one of the trend setters of her generation. Her observations of life around her, strengthened by personal experience, led her to explore issues on women’s rights, violence and the expectations of society. These topics have been important in the shaping of her aesthetic vision. The artist’s diverse oeuvre including. The Universe Chowkandi Tombs and particularly the Woman’s series’ were acclaimed as the first comprehensive expression of a woman’s viewpoint in a male dominated society.

Recognition of her art has earned her national awards including the President’s Pride of Performance in 2007.

The series of work Nahid Raza refers to as the ‘Woman Series’ appears as an ongoing diary of intimate emotions and conclusions expressed with hands-on vibrancy. The subject of her work is every woman. Joy and anguish expressed with the candor is the salient factor of her work.
Portrayed as figurative images, personal and biographical allusions often appear in the forum of motifs. Women’s lives universally are interpreted with changing emotions, and focused on the experience of an individual struggling to define a personal identity despite demands of conformity.