Momin Khan



Momin khan. born in Karachi, 1956.

Momin Khan passed out from “national institute of art and craft “in 1977. My work experience is about 32 years.


1-City art gallery (Karachi) in 2009 2-Image art gallery (Karachi) 2009 Participate in many group shows.

Mr. Khan exactly knows how to put two and two together in painting life and struggle to live in this world. Khan takes the symbol of horses differently. To him horse represents power. He uses the symbol of horses in terms of powered and survival in the rugged Central Asian Mountain regions, whose worriers he honestly tries to depict in his Bshkasi paintings. He portraits women’s faces with sometimes a pigeon or two with just as ease. Momin khan has attended central institute of arts.  And graduated from there in 1978. He expresses the true feelings of the people who are in fight along with the feelings of their horses.