M.K Baig


M.K Baig is a senior artist and his work is well known among art community in Pakistan. Like many senior artists, his work is not that regularly exhibited in art galleries; it is only after a couple of years that he lets his work out for exhibition.

The present exhibition is his new work, mostly abstract, playing with moods of colours and creating a complimentary environment with colours of various sensitivities. Another change that has come is in use of colour, from oil to acrylic – a big transformation and change of approach to canvas. He has handled this change well.

In the aesthetic environment, painting is one of his interests; the others include poetry, short stories and even some attempt at producing a short film documentary.  Versatile as he is, his painting work also reflects various moods or phase that he goes through. He has produced calligraphy, sketches and portraits, and other figurative work, which reflects on his drawing skills.

There is a small brochure holding Baig’s paintings and a number of pictures of his various “meet the people” activities. He has met some renowned people/artists like MF Husain (2001), receiving Sadequain Award (1995) presenting to Anwer Maqsood his beautifully done portrait (1995), with Basir Mirza (1999), with Ali Imam (1996) and many more personalities in the art circle.