Kamran Ahmed


Kamran Ahmed graduated from Karachi School of Arts in 1996, was inspired to move towards realism after attending a painting exhibition of Shakil Siddiqi in 1995, while he was a student. The artist has participated in nine group shows in Karachi and Dubai and then spent several years abroad in the animation industry.

Discussing Kamran’s work, Karachi-based art critic Muniza Agha-Fawad once wrote, “Amidst the routines of daily life, the dullness of our tasks, and the frustrations with which we live, Ahmed’s still-life miniatures serve to remind us that it is these small blessings and life itself that are sacred.”

In contrast, Kamran’s paintings are miniatures in size. All are oil on canvas and depict books, envelopes, pencils and their containers; objects on the reading table; earthenware and ceramic vases and cups; metal kitchen containers and pipes; fruits and basket; drapes; a chair and scenery. Most of these appear as real as photographs unless viewed closely for extremely fine brush strokes.