Jamil Naqsh

Date of birth- 1939 25th December, Kairana, Uttar Pradesh, India.


1953 Studied Indian Miniature Painting with the late Ustad Muhammad Shariff, National College of Arts, Lahore

Jamil Naqsh was born in Kairana, Uttar Pradesh in 1938. In a still rapidly expanding art world, Jamil Naqsh holds a key position. He is the best-known contemporary artist from Pakistan, long famous in his own country, and also well established in international auctions.
His work reflects, not just the culture of Pakistan, but also that of the whole of the Indian subcontinent, both Muslim and non-Muslim. In particular, there are many echoes of the imperial Mughal regime that once ruled the whole of India.
Jamil Naqsh demonstrates how an artist with major gifts, coming from this background, has been able to enter into a fruitful relationship with Western Modernism, and thus link himself to what is now a worldwide community of visual artists.
This new series of paintings employs motifs that have long been identified with Naqsh’s work, but uses them in ways that, to the European eye at least, seem even more closely attuned than formerly to aspects of the European classical tradition. These are tranquil paintings; sure of the story they want to tell.



1961  First Prize, Women’s International Club, Karachi.

1962  Gold Medal, Pakistan Arts Council, Karachi.

1980  Shakir Ali Award, Ministry of Culture, Government of Pakistan.

1989  President’s Pride of Performance Award.

1989  Pursuit of Excellence Award, The Artists’ Association of Punjab, Pakistan.


Solo Exhibitions:

1962  Pakistan Arts Council, Lahore.

1963  Pakistan Arts Council, Karachi.

1963  The Pak-Brazil Friendship Association, Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi.

1967  Pakistan Arts Council, Karachi.

1971  Pakistan Art Gallery, Karachi.

1996  Establishment of Jamil Naqsh Foundation and Museum, Karachi.

1996  Homage to Marino Marini, Momart Gallery, Karachi.

1996  Beyond Words, The Art Gallery, Islamabad.

1996  Modern Manuscripts, Momart Art Gallery, Islamabad.

1996  Private viewing hosted by Amina and Jehangir Tareen, Trustees of Jamil Naqsh Foundation, Lahore.

1997  Mother and Child, dedicated to Dr. FaridonSetna, a private viewing hosted by Meher and    Husain Sheriff, Trustees of Jamil Naqsh Foundation, Karachi.

1998 Homage to Marino Marini, Jamil Naqsh Museum and Momart Art Gallery, Karachi.

1999  Formal Inauguration, Jamil Naqsh Museum, Karachi.

2001  Magic of the Line, Momart Art Gallery, Karachi.