Fauzia Khan


I am a painter. I have painted on diverse themes using canvass, stones, glass and wall murals. My paintings emerged into the art world in 1991. My work has been exhibited in galleries in many cities. I have also won awards for my work. My signature work is called ‘Roots’. Biography: I graduated from Government Girls College Lahore Pakistan and started painting in 1979. I have dabbled in interior design, architecture, and fashion design. My source of creative inspiration lies in the absolute faith in the supreme designer. I am one of the women painters in Pakistan who have, through their serious paintings, distinguished themselves socially, in a society going through rapid changes. My work has been called ‘graceful, symbolic and real’. I have traveled extensively internationally (US, UK, Japan, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Middle East) and my travels have given me many memories that are reflected in my paintings. Painting medium: My interest in painting trees and roots is for spiritual and social values. The message of my painting takes people to their roots of culture, heritage, and spirituality. I consider myself as a versatile artist and accepts all sorts of challenges from within, to create inspirational work on canvas. And at the same time I am not hesitant to try out a new medium. I have painted and displayed her work on rocks and glass. Painting Style: I am a landscape painter and I do calligraphy as well. I take a photograph of a situation and then paint it; my creation is not the ditto of the photograph. My canvas portrays what her mind perceives. Originality: I am considered as one of the leaders in using glass and rocks, in their original form, as a medium of painting. I use these mediums with utmost ease and displays my craft with ultimate delicacy and excellence. I enjoy bringing in new ideas in displaying my work, to compliment my ability to paint as well as the manner in which it is to be presented. I am one the first artist to give a live performance of my painting accompanied by the Sufi mystic music of (Late) Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. TV & Media: Fauzia provided initial concept, scripted, hosted, interviewed artists and edited the very first series of program entirely based on Art & Artists (painters) and their painting styles in the history of Pakistani media aired on Vibe TV. The program comprised of 26 episodes and provided a completely new dimension of regarding the perspective of painters and paintings. Creatively used media to motivate and positively project artists of various dimensions and school of thoughts to the general public. Demonstrated painting ‘LIVE’ in the first half of the program (new painting on-screen per program) on the musical rendition of poetry (ghazals), in different mediums, while explaining the techniques. This has never been done before on Pakistani media. 2nd part of program comprised of an interview conducted by Fauzia Khan followed by the interviewee’s demonstration of his/her style of painting. Apart from the above, I have also written articles for various magazines in print media.


BA in Fine Arts


Exhibited in Karachi, Islamabad, Dubai, Netherlands, Japan, China


1. Bisat-e-yaran, Award in painting, June 2005
2. Young Outstanding Pakistani Award in Cultural Achievement by Junior Chamber International (JCI) of 2004
3. 2004 Sadequain Award
4. 2003 First City Talent Women’s Award
5. 1998 Sadequain calligraphy award 1st winner in category
6. 1997 Winner of Fashion Designing Contest